Plaid + Dwolla for ACH

Tokenized ACH integration for digital platforms

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I am the Director of Product at Dwolla, and we pumped to be announcing this partnership on ProductHunt. We see this alliance as two fintech companies coming together to make accessing the nation’s banking infrastructure easier for businesses and their customers in the digital economy. Dwolla is utilizing Plaid Link, an elegantly designed and secure way for our joint customers to verify account ownership with access tokens. With tokenization, sensitive financial information is removed from the transaction stream. Within this integration, Plaid functions as a vault, protecting the data, but allowing the distribution of important information to Dwolla without requiring our customers to store it. The tokens are not long-lived and they may be one-time, have an expiration date, and be revoked when necessary. We’re excited to build upon this in the future, but would love to hear what you think today. THANK YOU! Special thanks to our makers! It’s not everyday ACH looks this sexy!