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30k smart design templates for $14.95

One affordable subscription that gives you unlimited access to 30000 smart templates. Everything from logos to mockups to videos to social media. Hundreds of new templates added weekly.

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I think the price point is reasonable. However, the caricatures of Native Americans (blatantly calling them Redskins) and the taco eating Mexican strikes me as both tone deaf and offensive.
That watermark seems a bit extreme. I might be the only one, but it's hard to even really visualize the images when it's so overwrought.
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you can't cancel after 1 month, I seriously didn't saw that small print, not going to upgrade if I see that.


got some interesting mockup.


just find out that you need to fullfill 3 month subscription

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We've seen Placeit products hunted on PH before, what was the thinking behind this new subscription offering? @navid_safabakhsh
@abadesi We released quite a lot of new things. 1) Design templates category 2) Logos category 3) Video category 4) Unlimited subscription The unlimited subscription came out of a lot of feedback from our users and also the acquisition by Envato. Users had been asking for a more affordable plan so now that we have the financial support to do such a bold move, we did it :)
Prefer to pay by item, glad that you have that option. Great product. @navid_safabakhsh Would love to see minimalistic devices to place the image (renders, outlines and etc.) You have a lot of those but sorry, they are too stock-ish.
@vladkorobov Hey - thanks for the feedback. You can still by one at a time. Please send me an example of what you were thinking. We probably already have it and if not, we'll add it very quickly :)
Antonio FreyreHead of Content @ Placeit
@navid_safabakhsh @vladkorobov Hi Vlad, Antonio from Placeit's content team here. We have a few templates in the vein of what you sent, but we'll be uploading a lot more templates like those Dribbble examples in the coming days. Meanwhile, here are a few that are not exactly 3d renders but still fit with the examples you sent:
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