Placeit Apparel

Photorealistic apparel and t-shirt mockups in seconds.

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Hi everyone - we're adding another 100 or so templates in the next few days. Enjoy and let us know what you think!
@navidsafa Is there any API integration. I'd love to use this service that way.
@bhalp1 @navidsafa yes we plan on doing one early next year. which stages would you be interested in?
@navidsafa It's hard to tell. I like your product as a theoretical service, but the business model doesn't really jive with the things I typically build. The sort of plans I would typically go for have cheaper plans that get more expensive if you scale really big, and are arranged by API calls rather than by image. It would be nice if I could just plug in as a service that would scale with me rather than buying images one at a time.
@bhalp1 @navidsafa that's fair but what would be a typical use case for you? assuming the pricing was jiving w u.
@navidsafa I'm currently building an app that lets artists create and sell t-shirts (not unlike and the use case would be that every shirt's page has a few generated mockups, so that would be thousands of mockups and it seems like your pricing indicates several dollars per image produced which would be prohibitive at that kind of scale. But regardless of my specific use-case, I feel like being able to offer mockups at whatever scale a person needs would be the best use case, treating this as a scalable web service, ala Heroku or AWS or Cloudinary or Stripe all the other SAAS in my day-to-day.
Very cool! @customink should buy you guys...
Nice! Could have used this a while back before we made our own mockup kits. You should offer this via API, i'm sure some sites could integrate with this.
Love this! It's going to make it super easy to design new shirts for HappyFox!!
Super cool.