Pizza delivery at the tap of a button.

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Press a button, get pizza. Simple. I wonder if there's a business opportunity in building and marketing numerous on-demand delivery services for specific goods. In the past few months, we've seen a few "uber for alcohol" products appear (Minibar, Saucey, Drizly). Can anyone think of other examples?
Like a mobile version of Pie Pal:
@mark__a Haha yeah. Pie Pal is cool. The idea with PizzaTheApp is that everyone's phone just became a "pizza button" :)
interesting. where's it getting delivered from? who's making the pizza? it reminds me of piepal as @mark__a says. info on how it was built here:
@_jacksmith don't know, just tried to order a green pepper + mushroom. They service my location but they're "closed" maybe it's an Uber Black SUV with a pizza oven in tow?
@_jacksmith Good question! We work with 30+ pizzerias in SF. When you tap to order with PizzaTheApp, we look at your location and time of day and route your order to the best pizzeria in our network. We wrote a blog post on this here:
I wish this was cheaper by only delivering from costco, as it stands its about $30/pie which is the SF standard but it would be better to instacart at that price point
@Anderson760 instacart wouldn't arrive hot though, surely?
@_jacksmith Yea it arrives warm, you have to put it in the oven for 5 mins
@Anderson760 Wow, that's a creative use of Instacart! Never thought of ordering a warm pizza from Costco. Don't even need a membership.
The logo is making me laugh (in a good way :)