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Hey, guys, we're excited to release a plug-in for WordPress. Make your website faster by compressing your new and existing WordPress image uploads. Features: * 500 compressions per month free. * JPEG and PNG images supported * Plugin optimizes images uploaded to the Media Library on-the-fly. All generated thumbnails are optimized too. * Intelligent lossy compression, so resulting image is visually identical to the original. Want to see how it works? Try the live demo: https://www.pixpie.co/demo.html Plugin at Wordpress Directory: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp... If you find it useful or have an idea how to improve your experience with the plugin, drop us a line support@pixpie.co
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@dmitry_osipa Interested to check this out - what happens if you have a long established site and therefore have a lot of images on the free account does it only optimise images going forward or can you configure it for past images using the WordPress plugin? Thanks
@krishnade by default, the plugin will compress only new uploads, but it can optimize all images in the media library on demand.
@dmitry_osipa Thanks - and will it therefore just tell you how many images you have if you have no idea as it is a long established site but want all images optimising?
@krishnade right now the plugin doesn't tell this. We will add the estimate in future updates. Right now you can estimate how many transformations you will need. Here's how: * One image in the media library may require ~4-5 transformations because Wordpress generates ~4-5 thumbnails for each uploaded image. * Each of the thumbnails may need to be compressed. * The actual number of thumbnails depends on the theme and installed plugins. But in average, you will need not more than 5 transformations per each uploaded image. So, for example, you have 100 pictures in the WordPress. The plugin will use maximum 500 actions to compress all the images.
@dmitry_osipa Thanks for the information
Great tool! Invited you on Linkedin :)
@paul_shuteyev thanks for the feedback :)
What are your next product plans?
@lisadziuba we want to create similar plugins for other popular CMS, such as Magenta, etc. And add support for video compression at some point
@dmitry_osipa @lisadziuba Craft CMS would be great professional add-on (ready plugin).
@vegardwikeby @lisadziuba we'd be happy to add support for other CMS, especially if there's no competitive alternative yet.
Hey guys, thanks for such an amazing tool! Tried it in dev environment and it truly decreases the traffic significantly! Great for people who want to cut their bills a bit
@andrew_marin thanks for your feedback! It saves the bandwidth and increases web-site position in search engine too :)
Wow, looks really nice. Well done!
@antonskyba thank you!