Take a πŸ“Έ of food & get tailored recipes powered by AI

PixFood provides you with tailored suggestions on what to eat and cook! 😻

It all starts with you taking a photo of any ingredient you want to cook with, in the kitchen or in the supermarket. After the photo is taken, the app instantly sends you personalized recipe suggestions! 🎯

Check it out and share your feedback! 😎

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IMO the description (Take a πŸ“Έ of food & get tailored recipes powered by AI) gives the wrong opinion as to what the app is supposed to be doing. Replace 'food' with 'ingredient' and things become clear :)
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Chris, thank you for posting! 😎 Hey cool people, We are a team of awesome young entrepreneurs, who worked for one year on PixFood and today we are finally sharing it with all of you amazing Product Hunters. "No idea what to cook"-moments will be long gone! πŸ’ͺ PixFood starts with taking a photo of any ingredient you would like to cook with and the advanced machine learning and AI will instantly match it with your food preferences and give you personalized recipe suggestions! 🀀 We are not stopping here. In the future we plan on including food delivery and restaurant recommendations. At the moment we are looking for community suggestions for our product and would appreciate your feedback a lot! Thank you, The PixFood Team
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Nice product, hope that the main feature of taking photos to search for recipe instead of typing it, will work out.
Great Idea!!! Definitely missing in the pitch for additional product features for SeeFood from Erlich Bachman :)
@nraush πŸ˜‚ Thank you! Glad you like it!

I really like it!


Great idea! Awesome videos! Beautiful design!