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Pixelixe Studio is an image & graphic creation tool to create engaging graphics and help marketers, bloggers and small businesses promoting their services on all digital platforms (Social media, ads, blogs and more). The studio is free (no account required).
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Hi everyone. I'm the founder of Pixelixe. Thanks for checking us out! At Pixelixe, we believe eyes are one of the best asset human beings have and we want to delight your audiences and customers with stunning and beautiful images. Therefore, we created a tool to let anyone create amazing graphics without design or technical skills required. Our studio is free and no account is required to use it. Solving problems and building products is in our DNA and we took an enormous amount of pleasure developing and releasing this product.
@thomasthelliez Looks great, cant wait to try it out!
Thank you @sab8a , your online video editor Veed.io looks awesome too.! I am a user ;)
I will share it with my marketing team. thanks!
@adiatlov Thank you for your nice comment! I will be glad to answer your marketing team's questions if they have any. Don't hesitate to contact me anytime.
Reminds me of Canva. One thing I really like is not having to create an account.
@parag_r Yes, one of our objectives was to make the tool as accessible and easy to use as possible. Thanks!
Congratulations! Really useful tool. Will check it out.
Hi @marina_marina3 ! Thank you for your interest. Glad you like it! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
My congratulations with the launching! It's real to create beautiful & unique graphics in minutes with your tool. I'd love to see it in the Awesome Design Tools list over GitHub, it can give you additional users & traffic. You can send a Pull Request here: https://github.com/LisaDziuba/Aw...
Thank you for the link @valiahavruliyk ! I will check it out.
@valiahavruliyk Just send a pull request for Pixelixe :) !
@thomasthelliez thanks, already added :)