A beautiful Mastodon app for iOS 😍️🐘️

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✨️Mast is a beautiful new Mastodon app for iOS and  Watch ✨️


  • Marek Lach
    Marek LachContent writer, a focused dweller

    Nice design, native app, fast performance


    Missing some useful features like finding a toot by its URL

    This is definitely the ideal native iOS client for Mastodon. The community deserves a light, and smoothly performing way to jump into the Mastodon social network on their mobile device, and I feel like this is the most consistant way to do it.

    Marek Lach has used this product for one month.
  • Noah Mittman
    Noah alumnus

    Super elegant and complete as a Mastodon client, with watchOS support even


    No iPad support… yet

    I love it.

    Noah Mittman has used this product for one week.


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looks buff
Toffer Surovec
Toffer Surovec@toffer_surovec ·
Beautiful and it fills my need for a good Mastodon app (they all sucked before now).
ODB8@0db8_ · Broke boys get fixed
Beautiful! Would love to see the same as a Twitter app
Noah Mittman
Noah Mittman@noahmittman · alumnus
@0db8_ the creator is also the maker of Bluebird for iOS.
James Dory
James Dory@haitianwatcher
I’m very sorry and apologize for my lack of knowledge. Can you please provide me with a little more detail as to what a Mastodon app is? Not everyone knows what it is so an explanation of what it does and what its advantages are would create a greater interest in possibly purchasing the app.