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Hey Product Hunters, thanks for checking out Pixable! We're a new publisher powered by veterans from HuffPost and the like that tells stories the same way we all now communicate -- through photos and videos. Today we’re really proud to be launching our new and beautiful iOS, Android, Mobile Web, and Desktop experiences and would love your feedback. A few folks from the editorial and product teams will be participating in the comments so feel free to ask us any questions.
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@lorenappin This is an interesting new direction for the product! Did the previous version shape the design approach of this new product in any ways? Does the new Pixable incorporate social data in similar ways?
@lorenappin great work guys! The web and the app looks great. I see you have both articles and crawled photos and videos from the web. Are there any plans to integrate both kinds of content even further?
Thanks @decktonic! Some great questions. The previous version definitely shaped the design of the new product - we’ve always been focused on the visual. Over the years we’ve learned that when you have visual content (photos, gifs, video) as the primary medium, you need to let it shine. So with the new design you’ll see we’ve continued to take this perspective - every article has large featured images and the design is minimalistic to let the images and videos take center stage. In regards to social data, we still use it but in a very different way. For personalization - we’re taking advantage of the existing technology that we had built for the old Pixable, but instead of relying on data from other social sites, we’re looking at the engagement and actions happening on our own sites and apps. For business and content insights - we rely a lot on social data. We’ve built out a system that helps us understand how our content is performing in real time by tapping into various social network APIs. This gives us a much clearer view on what type of content resonates with whom.
Hey @ompemi, Thanks for the kind words. With the way media is evolving, we’re seeing more and more relevant photos on just about every topic or event being created and shared by users on social networks. Because we already had built up an expertise in capturing user generated photos and videos, we have much greater access to this content and will continue to take advantage of that as much as possible.  This is not to discount professional photographers or videographers (of which Pixable has great ones too), but it just means that we now have access to what are often equally relevant photos much more quickly. As a publisher that prides itself on getting you the story first, you'll continue to see us intertwine more user generated content into our stories.
Congrats on the launch, @lorenappin and team. This feels very BuzzFeed-like (not in a bad way). Where do you see Pixable fitting in the market where there's soooo much content and competition in publishing?
Thanks @rrhoover! The mantra going around the current publishing industry is “the homepage is dead.” Visitors no longer flock to just one domain day after day, but instead discover individual pieces of content through the various networks that they’re connected to. The publishing space has also never been winner-take-all, and this is especially true now. So where do we see ourselves fitting in? Pixable is the publisher that tells stories that YOU want to see, meaning that we create all types of stories (more than 20 a day) and make sure that they find the people that they resonate with the most. We have spent a lot of time understanding our audience (mostly under 34 years old), and what they want is a broad spectrum of visual and engaging content across a variety of topics. Although most new publishers are focusing on specific niches, our vision at Pixable is to have a broad range of content, from the silly to the serious, with personalization tech having a bigger role over time.
This new update looks awesome! Congrats to the Pixable team!
I've been following Pixable for about 4-5 months now and I'm a big fan of the work they do! Congrats on the new launch :)
@maxringelheim Thanks! :) Love the mission of Vonvo too!
Congrats on launching the new Pixable. I remember using the old one that aggregated and surfaced my social content in one place. Why the move away from social photos? Do you see a similar content aggregation problem with written content?
Thanks @harryraymond ! The move from the old Pixable was a big decision. And to be clear, we moved away not just from social photos, but also aggregation. We are now a publisher with a fully staffed editorial team creating more than 20 pieces of original content a day across 6 primary categories. So why did we make this move, though? Well, although our old app had a loyal and engaged audience, we realized what we had created was a great utility, but a utility nevertheless. We saw that there was a bigger opportunity in the media space to bring together our technology (focused on personalization) with visual original content. We made the bet, pivoted, and are excited with the results so far!