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This is pretty cool; I think startups could find it particularly useful as it enables you to knock together a stylish HTML landing page in just a few minutes!
Cheers @riaface and for the feature! We've also got a purely landing page focussed product http://bit.ly/1c2mNpD :)
What do you think is the best solution to run with Pivot, for adding a Shopping Cart to the site? What would pair nicely with this setup?
I really like the work this agency do, and have used their other LaunchKit builder.
@barryhand Thanks for the support!
Beyond time saved, i thinks it's also a good tool for A/B testing phase. With that, it's easy to build many different landing page...
Cheers @fabs_31 , we've noticed most customers use it for basic landing pages, this has also helped to shape the direction we went with our next templates.
Hi guys, great job. I like the UI and the overall design. What about pricing, it is a one shot fee or a monthly fee?
@st3mongardi license is a one-shot $17 per end product created. Available on Themeforest, see more here: http://bit.ly/1GLHY9z