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#4 Product of the DayApril 25, 2014
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Anyone know how this works? I see there's a journalist sign up so do the emails go directly to journalists who've signed up or to a general mailbox, or to journalists' inboxes who haven't signed up
@mendzappjames it's a mix of general publisher "tips" inboxes plus actual journalist inboxes.
I'm the founder of Pitchpigeon. Thought I'd take this opportunity to say that Pitchpigeon is for sale! It's been around for a year and does decent revenue every month, entirely organically. At this point it's basically zero maintenance but still doing 4 figure USD monthly. Still lots of untapped potential but I'm just way too busy with my main business. At some point I'm going to do a public tear down of revenue / traffic etc in order to sell the site. But I guess this is a sneak preview for anyone on producthunt :) If anyone is interested, email me at: yongfook@gmail.com
@yongfook This is great. I've been a fan of your products going back years now (esp. Tactics: http://datainsightsideas.com/pos...). Although I'm not a traditional journalist - *cough* addicted to sharing products on Twitter or my blog *cough* - I did sign up as a "journalist" since it looks like another way to engage w. new products from a venture investment perspective.
@daveambrose @producthunt seems to be taking over eh? I found myself checking here before HN today. o_O