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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 14, 2014



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David Senior
David Senior@djsenior13
This is a nice framework. + Practice, Practice, Practice.
This is so cool! Adding this to links on http://gopitch.co/faq/ Had no idea apps for pitching were so popular - I thought I was the first one XD
Anders Schmidt
Anders SchmidtMaker@lichine · Co-Founder of Pitcherfic
@iorahul Thank you so much for adding us to the list Rahul! :D
Anders Schmidt
Anders SchmidtMaker@lichine · Co-Founder of Pitcherfic
Wow! I added Pitcherific a while ago and didn't have the highest hopes that we would ever get on Product Hunt. This is amazing (and a little bit scary for a bunch of introvert coders and designers). If you discover any bugs, anything that you don't like or would love to see improved, please let me know at anders@pitcherific.com or contact@pitcherific.com and we will do our best to meet those expectations. :) I got to get the rest of the team together, this is crazy!
Bradley Dowding Young
Bradley Dowding Young@bradleyisyoung · Founder @ www.Silentmode.com
I couldn't see one but I think it would be helpful to have the option to add one or two further sections like market. For certain products making sure you can articulate the market and understand your difference is vital.
Julie DelanoyHunterPro@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
I'm all into "pitching" and "keynotes" these days so I'm looking for anything that could help me to not faint/vomit/laugh in front of judges. I'll let you know if Pitcherific helped me.
Gozde Aksay
Gozde Aksay@gozdeaksay · Senior software engineer at Capsule
@syswarren join us at http://gopitch.co/ then! I've found it helpful to record your pitch and receive honest feedback. Also Pitcherific looks similar to http://pitchgrub.com/
Julie DelanoyHunterPro@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
@gozdeaksay Gopitch looks really cool but 35s it's too short for what we have to do (which is to last at least 10 minutes) but I'll try it!
Anders Schmidt
Anders SchmidtMaker@lichine · Co-Founder of Pitcherfic
@syswarren I really hope that it'll help you out Julie (and everybody else). If there's anything you'd see changed, any critique and so on, feel free to send it to me at anders@pitcherific.com or to the team at contact@pitcherific.com. :) I have no idea how to join the comments as the maker though, so I'll just see if I can help out this way. And thank you so much for posting us. We're just a small Danish team of geeks, so waking up to this is crazy!