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Hi guys! I am founder of Pipefy! We're a management tool that helps startups to organize and run their processes in one place. We have free templates based on the best practices of A/B Testing, Agile Software Development, Bug Tracking, Content Marketing, B2B Sales Pipeline, Product Roadmap and others... Today we finally finish our private beta and are open for free sign-ups! Would love to hear your feed-backs! How we started? At my last startup, I often felt frustrated because we couldn’t manage properly our processes. There were some instances when the team didn’t follow the right workflow, forgot tasks assigned in emails, or made mistakes using controls based on manual forms and fragile management spreadsheets. These problems caused so much inefficiency, lack of information, and rework. At the time, I tried to solve the problems using management systems (custom ERPs and BPMs) to replace forms and spreadsheets. I ended up discovering that all options available were too expensive and hard to adopt. Beyond license costs, we were required to spend thousands of dollars with IT consultants to customize and implement the solutions. I also tried using project management tools, such as Trello and Asana – great tools but made for project management, not for managing companies’ routines and processes. These programs don’t have task templates or workflow charts to keep everything organized. I was forced to use inefficient controls and redo work because we were using solutions not built to solve our problems. At the end of 2013, I sold the company and started to think about my next startup. In regard to the problems I had, I started to hink: What if there were something easy to use? Something to organize and run all the processes in just one place, without the help of the IT guy or professional services? I talked with some friends also owners of startups and discovered that they had faced the same problems and didn't find a solution too, and then I started to draw sketches of what could become the ideal tool. That’s how Pipefy was born. =)
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@alessioalionco Awesome. So happy Pipefy has launched. I've enjoyed the beta and the templates definitely help. :)
@v4violetta How can I thank you for all the support of you and the PH community Violeta? You won't believe the impact this hunt caused on us.
One of the best tools of 2015. Pipefy definitely changed the way we organize our process and workflows at Blogo. Perfect for recurring tasks.
I'm interested in this space, but I'm quite confused as to what this product actually does/how it works. The sales pipeline example is really unclear. thus far I've been using Process Street for my process management. Is this similar?
@_jacksmith Did you signed-up Jack?
@alessioalionco no. I wanted to find out about the service first before spending time signing up etc
@_jacksmith So, I strongly recommend you to invest some minutes on it. I am not capable to explain the difference by just telling you. Are different approachs for different problems.
@alessioalionco you can strongly suggest, but you're not giving me any reason to. I think that you're going to struggle to get customers if you can't succinctly describe your product. Imagine if every product posted to product hunt you had to sign up and invest time using it to understand what it does
@_jacksmith Pipefy addresses inefficiency through two means: organising the way in which the team works and sharing with transparency what’s happening and the productivity of all processes. Inside the platform, a process can easily be structured within a few minutes. The manager determines which process the team needs to run, like “customer support” or “hiring process”, defines the workflow and persons assigned to run it. In this way, each time that someone creates a task, the tool automatically delegates that task to the appropriate person and guides through a step by step flow, by noting what must be done at each phase, ensuring that each step is always thoroughly and efficiently executed. All of the activities remain visible in the form of small cards that are moved sideways between every phase of the process, as if in a production line. If at any phase the process stops or slows down, the cards start to accumulate and are marked with a red stripe, signaling the delay. The team leaders can track easily what’s happening: how many cards were created in the period, how many are on time, how many are late, what was done, and the average length of time taken to complete each activity. The platform has a marketplace with dozens of free templates built for startups based on best practices like: agile software development, SaaS sales pipeline, bug tracking, content marketing, A/B tests, customer support, selection process, Internal PR, funding pipeline and more. That's how it works. =)
This is exactly what I needed for my sales pipeline management. Currently i'm running my processes spreadsheet which is cumbersome.
@crixlet I know how do you feel! hahaha In the next weeks we will release a customer database, then it will be much better to run your sales. But for now you can try the sales template http://www.pipefy.com/sales-pipe...
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