Pipedrive Power-Up for Trello

Connect sales and project management with Trello & Pipedrive

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Aivar Ots
Growth Product Manager @ Pipedrive
Hi Product Hunters First off, a big thank you to @tomazstolfa for hunting this integration. Much appreciated. I’m the Growth Marketing lead at Pipedrive. For those of you unfamiliar with us, we make a sales CRM for small companies or sales teams who have an intricate or complex sales process. We use the dual-pronged attack of pipeline visibility and activity-based sales to help sales teams focus on the things under their control - the actions that drive deals to close. For more info visit www.pipedrive.com This Trello Power-Up is a great way to synchronize the efforts of your sales team with those of other teams in your business who need to manage collaborative projects. It allows you to export deal and customer information directly to Trello boards and cards manually, or set up automatic triggers that will create Trello cards when a pre-selected event takes place in your Pipedrive sales cycle. This will save time and eliminate human error when projects transition from sales to execution. You can also pull deal and client details from Pipedrive without leaving Trello. We value user feedback immensely so please fire away or ask any questions you may have. Happy hunting Cheers, Aivar
Michele Don Durbin
SVP Marketing
Congrats Andrus and Jaanus and the gang! Looks fantastic!
Andrus Purde
Co-founder of Outfunnel.
@mdondurbin Thanks Michele! Good to see familiar faces here :)