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Learn everything you want to know about an eCommerce company - financials, traffic, tech stack, Twitter engagement and the latest social buzz. The tool is tailored for market research, demand generation, account enrichment, benchmarking and investment.

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eCommerce is a big enough industry with its own nuances. Until now it's been crazy hard to find all the information about these companies in one place. We've fixed that with this chrome plugin. You can now find the revenue, shipping volume, tech usage and a lot of other details about most ecommerce companies in English speaking countries, without leaving your browser. I'd be here if you have any questions!
that's a very great name I don't know why I didn't think of that
@cory_buchanan1 Well, many think we sell either pipes or candies :). The name was registered much before the idea came about.
Sound interesting!
Very cool. Where do you get the traffic data from?
@thepatwalls We have our own models that estimate traffic and we feed them with training data from multiple sources including direct first-party data from some eCommerce merchants.
@thepatwalls @ashwinizer In other words, you hope it's somewhat accurate.
Another source for e-commerce industry info. How do you compare with Internet Retailer lists in the future?
@bruceworrall1 Internet Retailer takes a research/journalistic approach towards finding info on top 1000 retailers. We are focused on delivering insights about a few hundred thousand eCommerce companies. Our coverage is across geographies, looking at growing SMBs & mid-markets. Besides, we deliver custom predictions on top of our data for investors, corp dev teams and brand owners. IMO, we both have very different business models.