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Hi PH gang! Pip are an awesome team we're working with at Ignite - they've a big vision around the future of notifications and how they play a more meaningful part in our lives. They're starting out with what looks like another addition to the SMS-based concierge services, but there's a lot going on here, and they'll be rolling out new services that accelerate the core product in the near future. The service is UK-only for now; we're working on opening it up worldwide. Thanks!
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would love to see this integrated with Telegram app!!!
@jonbstrong Thanks for the suggestion Jon. We'll definitely be thinking about that!
Very cool concept, looking forward to seeing where it goes! Reminds me a bit of @AskAbiUK
Looks interesting, Adam! What's the difference between Pip and something like Magic?
@neilcocker Thanks Neil! Good question. At the moment we are very much a concierge service, but we are doing this to test consumer behaviour around notifications and context.
Looks great. Out of interest, why the focus on birthdays?
@itsdangillespie Hey Daniel, great question - the focus on birthdays is a quick way to let us utilise the tech we're building out and test assumptions around consumer behaviour. We're not actually building a service for birthdays! It's just a useful way of creating value while helping figure out some more interesting challenges.