Operations dashboard for every engineering team

Pinpoint's engineering operations dashboard analyzes activity across tools used to build software to understand how a team’s work is getting done and help engineers identify what needs attention, resolve bottlenecks, mitigate risk, and plan more efficiently.
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9 Reviews5.0/5
My relationship with Jeff and the rest of the team started years before we even launched anything — Jeff was a mentor and friend before a colleague and cofounder. Watching him build and lead this company has been an honor and pleasure. When we first starting talking through this product we had actually built-out a few experiments with feeds—reverse chronological updates on what was happening in and around the engineering organization. It made sense then and it still makes sense today, for teams of all sizes. Excited to see this get into the hands of more makers!
Hi everyone – I'm Rick, and I lead the engineering team behind Pinpoint. Thanks to all of you who have started using the product – we've been thrilled to see the feedback and how teams are using the dashboard to stay aligned during this tricky time of remote work. We've been using the solution for the past few months, and it's something we can't live without – and we hope you all are enjoying the streamlined, fewer-tab workflow. We're here for any questions you may have and ideas for what we can add or make better – let us know! And thanks again for your support.
I've known Jeff for many years and wasn't lucky enough to be involved in his previous startup (Appcelerator) but I got in on Pinpoint (full disclosure: I'm an angel investor). They're doing some great stuff helping to track the performance of software development teams and with everything being remote right now, this type of understanding on how your team needs help/support is a must have.
Hi, I’m Jeff, the founder of Pinpoint and a software engineer by trade. I’ve spent the last 25 years building and scaling tech companies. At the last company I founded, Appcelerator, an application development platform, we scaled quickly, but as we grew globally, we saw firsthand how inefficient engineers’ day-to-day work had become. We had all of these tools – more than ever – but rather than making our jobs easier, they made things more complicated and cluttered, slowing down the whole operation. To tackle this problem, we built Pinpoint – to help engineering teams build better software, faster, and with fewer tabs open. The dashboard pulls from tools like Jira, Azure TFS, GitLab, Github, and BitBucket to show our team how we’re working, progress on sprints and projects, and what needs to get done next. With Pinpoint, we have one contextual view. We don’t have to jump between a bunch of tabs to see and interact with issues and code – we can just click into the details of an issue or pull request in Pinpoint directly. We’ve been using Pinpoint internally to run our engineering team, and now it’s something we can’t live without. We hope it makes your day-to-day easier and more enjoyable too. We’re offering the Product Hunt community special access to use Pinpoint – for free! – for 90 days. Give it a try, and let us know how you’ve been using it. Thanks, Jeff