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You know that talking to your users is essential, but until now it has been painfully complex. PingPong takes care of all the hard stuff and saves you days of work. So you can be interviewing users in minutes!

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  • Rob Gill
    Rob GillDirector & Co-Founder at Provius

    Takes the pain out of planing and conducting user testing. Sync with calendar, screener questions and automatic emails are really good! 🙌


    Android, pc only, no iOS screen sharing.

    Been using Ping Pong for a few months. Has fast become one of my favourite UX tools due to the communication with the support team/product owner (Zsolt is amazing!), ability to feedback an influence the roadmap and the overall quality and painlessness of the product. Looking forward to many more things to come!

    Rob Gill has used this product for one month.
  • Adam Nemeth
    Adam NemethUX Strategist @

    It’s very convenient, you can literally start user research from your couch, it will screen users, arrange sessions, record and transcribe


    you can’t move one-off sessions yet to the system afaik, and I’d be fine without the virtual currency system, but other orgs might need it

    When we needed international research, we did it with pingpong - they organized recruitment, all we had to do was to select our target audience and write a screener. Within a few hours the meetings were scheduled in our Google Calendar, all we had to do was logging in to a web UI at the beginning of the session, it was recorded with screenshare and everything, we could send the links to our clients for further analysis, and avoided all the hassle usually associated with international user research. It really made it convenient for us, and we were able to interview people from SF to New York to London to Kuala Lumpur, so literally all over the world.

    Adam Nemeth has used this product for one year.
  • Peter Gyongyosi
    Peter Gyongyosiproduct manager, Balabit

    Has all the important features without much clutter and saved me hours and hours of work I would've spent organizing calls myself.


    You cannot download your recordings at the moment (hello, vendor lock-in) and we had quite a few no-shows from interview subjects.

    I'm still on the verge about whether moderated or unmoderated user tests are better for us, but for moderated ones, PingPong does the job and does it well. It has a nice user panel: we are testing a product tailored for IT experts and we had no problem finding testers from that group. The per-test price is OK and you can pay as you go which is refreshing after getting $20k+ annual quotes for a minimal package from the competition (yes, I am looking at you,

    Peter Gyongyosi has used this product for one month.
  • David Udvardy
    David Udvardylead designer @Skyscanner

    Flexible and powerful screening, quick access to test subjects, even if filtered heavily, no unnecessary extras


    Test subject base could be biased towards young, hip, internet savvy and design sensitive population

    We use PingPong on a weekly basis, it provides a quick and painless access to users from a wide array of geographical locations. Many nomads and frequent travellers who speak good English, so it is ideal for quickly getting insight within the travel domain. Zsolt was incredibly helpful and attentive to our early feedback on the system, it is a joy to work together.

    David Udvardy has used this product for one year.
  • Emily Hall
    Emily HallUX Designer

    Great for interviewing users, if there are problems with connection there is a chat as well, you can tag key points of the interview.


    Transcribing still needs a bit of work, it's hard to talk communicate with your colleagues who could be spectating.

    We have just used PingPong an we are really impressed so far! We can set up recruitment campaigns for as many products we wish and it's great for interacting with users, managing and booking them in which we really struggled with before. The guys at Pingpong are always willing to listen to suggestions and adding new features including transcribing the interview - although it needs a bit of work you can edit the text if it gets it a bit wrong. Zsolt is also always available on a chat window on PingPong if you have any questions or problems.

    Emily Hall has used this product for one month.
  • Zsófia Ginter
    Zsófia GinterResearcher @ Skyscanner

    we are fans <3 it solves all our research needs & allows us to enable teams in a 600+ company to conduct self-serve user research!


    none - i dont know any competitor that would provide similar functionality

    As a global company we consider user input the basis of everything we do - however, before pingpong, we didnt have any options to access a global pool of participants, without adding an administrative overhead. Since we use pingpong, more of the teams are able to adopt the human-centered approach and start practicing user research, as pingpong makes it insanely easy to setup and schedule research projects, and offers awesome functionality to conduct various types of sessions via their video call tool. It honestly saved us researchers from going crazy, allows the teams to learn and create valuable solutions and allows the company to lower business risk - sounds too good to be true but it is. 🏓🙏✨

    Zsófia Ginter has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    So easy to use and allowed me to quickly test business plans / product plans with other relevant users



    I needed a user testing tool that can deliver me highly targeted users to test my business / product plan. PingPong did the job and it was also easy to use plus it didn't break the bank.

    Peter Benei has used this product for one week.
  • Tré Wee
    Tré WeeHuman in perpetual beta.

    Love this! Makes it easy to do UX research both as a tester and interviewer.


    Could use better pre-filtering for tester selection

    Great product, simple and easy to use. The team behind it is also very responsive with any questions and issues.

    Tré Wee has used this product for one year.