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You know that talking to your users is essential, but until now it has been painfully complex. PingPong takes care of all the hard stuff and saves you days of work. So you can be interviewing users in minutes!

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  • Rob Gill
    Rob GillDirector & Co-Founder at Provius

    Takes the pain out of planing and conducting user testing. Sync with calendar, screener questions and automatic emails are really good! 🙌


    Android, pc only, no iOS screen sharing.

    Been using Ping Pong for a few months. Has fast become one of my favourite UX tools due to the communication with the support team/product owner (Zsolt is amazing!), ability to feedback an influence the roadmap and the overall quality and painlessness of the product. Looking forward to many more things to come!

    Rob Gill has used this product for one month.
  • David Udvardy
    David Udvardylead designer @Skyscanner

    Flexible and powerful screening, quick access to test subjects, even if filtered heavily, no unnecessary extras


    Test subject base could be biased towards young, hip, internet savvy and design sensitive population

    We use PingPong on a weekly basis, it provides a quick and painless access to users from a wide array of geographical locations. Many nomads and frequent travellers who speak good English, so it is ideal for quickly getting insight within the travel domain. Zsolt was incredibly helpful and attentive to our early feedback on the system, it is a joy to work together.

    David Udvardy has used this product for one year.


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Zsolt Kocsmarszky
Zsolt KocsmarszkyMaker@kocsmy · Working on PingPong & Redash
Hi everyone. I’m Zsolt - founder and CEO of PingPong. Super happy to be announcing PingPong today on ProductHunt. Every maker knows that they need to talk to real users regularly, but until now it’s been painful to actually do that on a regular basis. You end up spending hours of your time dealing with admin and boring stuff and very little actually talking to your users. As a UX designer myself, I built PingPong to make my own life easier. Then I realised that there was a great product idea here that could help many other UX designers and teams. PingPong will take care of everything except actually speaking to your users: - We’ll help you *recruit* users. You can use our database of testers or you can recruit from your own user base. You can filter all users by demographic or specific requirements (e.g. “18-25 year olds in New York who use Netflix”.) - We’ll take care of painlessly *scheduling* interviews into your calendar. Automatic padding, conflict-checking, reminders and calendar sync. - When it’s time for the interview, you can do that inside PingPong with our video chat. All calls can be recorded and stored for you to replay later or share with your team. - We even do automatic transcriptions. - All research can be shared with your team or your clients, if you’re an agency/freelancer. - And finally, we take care of paying the testers after the session. So you don’t need to muck around with gift vouchers and travel expenses. We hope PingPong helps make your user research much easier, so you can spend less time dealing with admin and more time talking to your users and building great products! I’d love to answer any questions you have about PingPong or user testing. p.s. Click through to the site for a super discounted special offer for ProductHunters!
Zsolt Kocsmarszky
Zsolt KocsmarszkyMaker@kocsmy · Working on PingPong & Redash
Oh and by the way. If you want to participate in future research as a tester, sign up here:
Jason Crawford
Jason CrawfordPro@jasoncrawford · Chopping wood, carrying water
PingPong has been helpful to us at Fieldbook for finding user testers, and Zsolt has been good to work with. Recommended!
Uri Pomerantz
Uri PomerantzHiring@theuri · CEO and Co-Founder of Twine
Sounds very interesting - is a critically important activity and I hope this vastly simplifies the research process
Jon Lay
Jon LayMaker@jon_lay · Founder @wearehanno & @hellopingpong
@theuri Absolutely - even some senior UX designers can feel intimidated by the prospect of doing research like this and end up just running a 'courtesy test' right after launching their product. Our hope is that if we make the 'process' totally simple, we can get more and more people feeling confident about running user interviews every day. Then they can focus on improving their interviewing and researching techniques, not on learning how to manage a calendar ;) Love Twine's brand and use of life stories/goals in your messaging btw. Would be great to hear how much research you managed to run while you were building that - looks like you have a lot of operational autonomy but I know a lot of traditional banks are horrible at that kind of thing!