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Ernst Molden
Ernst MoldenMaker@ernstmolden · Co-Founder at SPORTLY
Hi there! My name is Ernst and I’m one of the guys behind We were working on a web platform for sports and had to deal with a lot of database crashes and server malfunctions during our beta-testing…. as you can guess, it isn’t that cool when your users write you angry mails complaining about your offline page before you recognize that something isn’t working anymore. That’s why we developed a small service called PingOnMe that pro-actively monitors our web processes. Our tool is like a lean and easy to use version of Pingdom and especially for Start-Ups. It monitors your processes, e.g. daily backups or monthly emails and notifies you when one of your services decides to quit. It requires no installation and is ready in seconds. There is a forever-free account and paid accounts with additional features. We got special deals for Product Hunters - just use this link: We are looking forward to some feedback from you guys! Have fun & let me know if you encounter any problems! Cheers, Ernst
Andreas Klinger
Andreas KlingerHunterHiring@andreasklinger · Tech at Product Hunt 💃
@ernstmolden What's the main differences to Pingdom?
Ernst Molden
Ernst MoldenMaker@ernstmolden · Co-Founder at SPORTLY
@andreasklinger you are able to define your own parameters, so you are able to monitor the front-end of your web application (e.g. does the login process work? is my site online?) AND everything that you put in your Crontabs (e.g. database backup process, a script that executes a queue, etc.) - it's a less "bulky" and cheaper tool where we offer a simple API to keep track of any number you want .... and not to forget: our main color is #a6d44c while pingdom uses #fff000 ;-)
Ernst Molden
Ernst MoldenMaker@ernstmolden · Co-Founder at SPORTLY
Special Deal for Product Hunters:
John Sheehan
John Sheehan@johnsheehan · CEO, Runscope
All of the requests initiate from my servers right? You're not initiating outside-in requests like Pingdom? Or am I reading this wrong? :)
Christofer Huber
Christofer HuberMaker@crebuh · CTO/CO-Founder at
@johnsheehan yes this is correct e.g. at the end of a php or any other script you ping our service. If this doesn't happen within the time interval you have defined, you get notified that something went wrong. you can find some use cases here: