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Brought to you by Noah Everett (Twitpic, Heello). I found out about this product a few months back while browsing a supposedly hidden URL and I submitted my email then. I just received my invitation to the beta and it seems like they're launching today!
Hello ProductHunt! I'll be happy to answer any questions about Pingly. (p.s. this is my first time being able to participate in PH, excited)
Welcome, @noaheverett! So I have to ask (and you know this is coming)... Every week we see new email products surface on Product Hunt. You have some unique twists here (the embeddable inbox is particularly interesting) but as you know, changing people's existing email workflow is super hard. How will you succeed where others failed?
@rrhoover thanks for inviting me on Ryan! To answer your question... Pingly works just like email and is seamless with your contacts who aren't on the service. To them it's just as if they are communicating with you over plain email. Secondly, while we provide you with a new email address (, a near term goal is to be able to sync your other email accounts into Pingly. Security and privacy are large issues when you are dealing with people's email so all data and connections are encrypted and we will never scan the contents of your email to serve ads like other providers do. To summarize, Pingly is trying to enhance your current flow and usage of email by working just like email already does, but offering enhancements like Connections to prioritize messages and a simple REST API to extend Pingly easily.
Nice! It's reminiscent of what is trying to achieve, except I see a lot more features on Pingly that'd be of use to me personally.
@krrishd thanks for your comment Krish. Gethop looks very nice. One difference with Pingly is that we want apps to be built on top of Pingly. I realize the term 'platform' is used alot and sort of cliche, but that's honestly what I'd like to see. Apps built on top of Pingly using our API that provide new functionality We have a couple of developer features we'll announce soon that'll allow extending email / message functionality. We hope our users and developers will help drive the product's direction to what they find most useful. Feel free to ping me if you have any future questions or suggestions or on here as well.
@noaheverett yeah, I find that the extensibility and intention of being sort of an app platform is what'd keep me using Pingly over something like GetHop which is probably intended for the layman. I think it's great that a platform like email would be a bit more developer-friendly through something like this.
I like the look of this but the marketing site is a bit painful. Scrolljacking = bad experience. I signed up, anyway, as I'm always looking for better ways to deal with email (I get too much) :)
@ow thanks for the comment Owen and the scroll issue heads up. We're using fullPage.js for the marketing site, which so far we really like, but I did encounter some scrolling awkwardness. Does it not scroll down smoothly or does it not respond when you try to scroll quickly? I've experienced the later. I'll try tweaking the response delay to see if that helps. If the delay is set too low then multiple pane switches occur when using a scroll wheel or magic mouse. Thanks for signing up!