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We just launched Org Charts into Pingboard. This was by far the biggest feature request we've heard from customers in 2015. https://pingboard.com/org-chart-... As we dug into this, we found that most of our customers were still managing their org chart in PowerPoint or Visio -- even with several hundred employees. These documents are time-consuming to maintain, difficult to share and often become out-of-date shortly after they are created. And quite frankly, org charts made this way are ugly. I believe we've just built the first org chart software that is easy to use and looks awesome! But check it out and let me know if you agree. BTW, if you want to quickly see it with your own employees, we can import them for you from a spreadsheet. Post a comment here and I'll reach out.
FYI - we use Pingboard at LiveRamp. it is a great product.
@billboebel — the "Pingboard is a modern company directory..." text is actually really helpful. As soon as I read that, I got it — and understood why I should care. But the small gray on gray text was overwhelmed by the larger headlines ("for office managers" and "no more spreadsheets") above and below. A second aside, this is probably a product that I would use, but I'm not an office manager. As CEO of a sub-15 person startup, I effectively function as one though. I may fall outside of your target market and messaging, but this seems worth noting.
@jw Thanks. We've been testing out various ways of talking about the product and your points are definitely taken.
I just played with it and I already love it. Simple, clear and efficient.