Monitor Linux servers on your phone

Ping is a beautiful Linux monitor app, it supports linux-based systems too.

It allows you track your Linux servers' status easily. You only need to add your Linux servers to Ping using SSH account and Ping will show metrics.

No dependency required, no deamon required.

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This is a great tool. Good work @Baye. I've been on a lookout for an app to let me run bash files on remote machines from my phone, is this feature on your roadmap ?
Thanks @shivekkhurana, and yes it's on my todo list :)
Holy crap this looks awesome, will it work with my AWS EC2 instances?
This looks great! Will it periodically ping my servers and alert me if things are going sideways or am I only able to view status when the app is open?
Hi, Stopping by to say it's impossible to find the product. Ping is way too generic. The link looks broken and i just can't find your website or your app ๐Ÿ˜– Cheers!
@_pascalandy There is a direct link to the App Store at the top of the page.
Looks great. We run a hosting company and this would be amazing if we had a web version that can be on a unused computer. Still great and cant wait to test it out.