Get daily chances to change a stranger’s life.

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@hnshah Wow, thank you for the kind words and for the hunt. Garrett from Pillrs here. We were inspired by our dear friends at @BeMyEyes with an idea: what would happen if we created an army of kind hearted people that want to improve lives? We then found that well timed kindness from strangers, sent to an addict (be it alcohol, food, Pokemon Go, etc.), can shatter the desire to use. Favorite feedback: “I love it, I can help people and not even put on pants!” Proudest moment: Our beta testers preventing a booze driven downward spiral (and how grateful she was to everyone). We hope you’ll join our mission to improve 100M people’s lives and happy to answer any questions!
@garrettdunham @hnshah wanted to download but its not available in India! Ughhh..😬
@sagar868 Android? Give me a minute and should be able to fix that...
@sagar868 Ok should hopefully be fixed. Not sure how long it'll take to propagate the changes. Love to hear your feedback when you can download!
@garrettdunham Cool! Will keep an eye on that. Would be glad to share the feedback here. Thanks for the quick response.
@sagar868 no worries! We've already had several bug reports and suggestions because of Product Hunt so we'll be around all day to answer what we can.
With Pillrs you get to improve someone's day by supporting people who need it the most. It makes me super happy that people are working on products like this. Ones that help us help each other in meaningful ways. Nice work Pillrs team!
@hnshah I'm curious, besides @Bemyeyes what other top socially minded apps have you seen? CC @rrhoover (and thanks for the vote of confidence)
Really good work, Pillrs team! I love seeing tech used to help real problems that deeply, and often silently, affect millions of people. 👏🏼
@cichonship Thank you. It's a highly personal project for each of us for different reasons - it's nice to hear we're appreciated and (hopefully) making a difference.
Thanks @cichonship! Hope we can start taking a dent out of both the problem and the stigma.
awesome idea. I recently helped a neighbor who needed help cutting his grass. He posted on the neighborhood community Facebook group. he was willing to pay. He was sick with pneumonia. I wanted to help without accepting payment. I cut the grass, wrapped in an hour. From a selfish perspective, it felt outstanding helping someone else. I actually left wondering how could someone make it easier to do selfless things for others. Volunteering or helping can be extremely rewarding, even more rewarding than taking payment for our time. @garrettdunham nicely done.