Pilgrim SDK by Foursquare

Location data to understand & engage with your customers

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Saw the post on Mashable: Foursquare just unveiled its biggest project yet Location Intelligence to understand, communicate & engage with your customers - in real time.
To be fair, Foursquare has A LOT of data... put it to great use here :)
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This product look great but also -- that product video is real bad and feels way off brand for Foursquare.
@lay2000lbs I had to make sure it was actually Foursquare that posted it. Nowhere near their brand. Interesting idea still.
@lay2000lbs yeah, really strange - there was huge distortion at the beginning on the mic...weird. Maybe they were just so excited to get it out there?
@jwelch @lay2000lbs incredibly off brand (IMO). @dens, is this an intentional new direction?
@lay2000lbs I believe this is being marketed to a much different audience - enterprise and online businesses, not consumers and indie developers. I think this, combined with their case studies, will be enough to attract customers. You don't need a very creative video for those, just show them the numbers.
Foursquare just unveiled its biggest project yet http://mashable.com/2017/03/01/f...
So excited about this. It's a long time coming, and such a clear indicator of Foursquare's value. They really do treat their developer products as first-class products.
This is absolutely terrifying, and spectacularly wonderful! Imagine this data being implemented into virtual assistants. This kind of data could finally make them a spectacularly useful and wonderful, instead of gimmicks with limited benefits. The only problem is that I can see this being terribly annoying. If I keep getting notifications from an app, no matter how much I use said app, I'm going to mute them. My tray is full enough as is, and if I'm moving about I don't want to take up space that could be reserved for notifications of more importance to me. I'd love to see more companies implement this data in their iOS smart notifications though. I feel as if the technology as a whole has been horridly underused, when it offers so much potential. (Just look at the MIC app — https://www.producthunt.com/post...)!