Pigment File

A makeup database, search every foundation on the market.

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A great resource to help you find the perfect makeup match for your skin tone. Thanks for putting this together @newandwell Where do you see this going in the future?
@jacqvon Thank you! The plan is to continually scan the data to publish insights that other beauty nerds will appreciate. Then, build a complete color indexing system.
Thanks Jacqueline!! I made Pigment File. It’s the one place that displays all the facts we want to know about a foundation formula, in a simple way. Foundation is the first (and I’ll say it – most important) step in a makeup routine. Right now, I can go to a retailer’s site, like Target or Sephora, and search their inventory. But that search is limited to just their inventory. I want to consider the *hundreds* of other options too. Because what each person needs from a foundation is super specific. We're lucky if we find a couple gems that suit us perfectly.
@newandwell Beautiful. MUA peeps will be so psyched about this. Chart lipstick next, please.
@kkdub Memories! I spent my early years all over MUA. Really hope this helps the boards there!
Nice! I'm interested to know where you get all the data from? Do you just scrape lots of online stores? I see that with animal cruelty for example you contact the brands individually?
@marsh931 Hi! Yes, scraped manufacturer's sites for all the info, including cruelty-free info. I mentioned the source specifically when explaining the cruelty-free designation because it’s a debated subject within beauty. (There are groups that give assessments contrary to what a manufacturer may state itself.) I just wanted the reader to understand that I didn’t do an independent assessment to reach the conclusion.
@newandwell Thanks for explaining :)
I love it, but I'd also really appreciate something that can scan my color and offer me options that will match my skin tone. Here, there are only a handful of options for skin color, and I need to figure it out (hard for mixed girls to do). Other than that, really cool database. I used to own a spa and then a cosmetic skin care line across Canada, so I've got some experience here. Have you ever thought about working with the Skin Deep Database?
@nassaraf So great to hear from someone with industry experience! Thank you. You're right, it would be gamechanging to incorporate real color matching technology. It's a giant task that I'm anxious to tackle. The EWG's Skin Deep database does great work for the readers who agree with their safety suggestions. With Pigment File, I'd love to point people towards all the info and let them decide what matters most.