Investment app for Indians

Piggy is an app for Indians to invest in mutual funds to save for their retirement

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Hey Hunters! This is Nikhil here with Ankush and Kunal. We founded Piggy (https://piggy.co.in/), an investment app for Indians. Think of it as a mobile-first Vanguard for India. With Piggy you can invest in mutual funds, track your investment portfolio and save for retirement. Historically, public sector employees vastly outnumbered private sector ones in India. Those public jobs came with pensions, so no one had to think about investing their own money. In 2016, for the first time, the private jobs overtook the public. People have to invest their own money now, and it's complicated and expensive. We built Piggy to help solve those problems. This new Indian middle class is searching for good places to invest, which is why the mutual fund market is growing so quickly - assets grew by 40% in just the last year to $300B. Every one of these new investors has a smartphone, which is why Piggy is mobile first. The app has quick online account setup, easy to use interface, built in user support (in app chat, email and call). Users can access all the fund houses in a single app. Transactions cost less than $10 a year and there are options for lowering that cost. The app charges a flat fee of 50 cents per buy transaction. We take no hidden commissions from asset management firms, unlike most services in India. Saved commissions mean higher returns for our users. Ankush and I have fixed income analytics experience at an investment bank, and Kunal has worked with Amazon. When we started working, we got limited advice from our family on where to invest, mostly in traditional bank-based saving products with low returns. We also saw many of our friends fall prey to bad financial products. When we did learn about mutual funds, there was nothing out there that was easy to sign up and use, that didn’t charge a bomb or hidden commissions. We got together over many late night conversations and decided to build it ourselves.
@nikhilmantha Serious question: How is this different from, say, Wealthy? Thanks!
@direstraits_ Fair question. For a user the biggest difference would be that we don't take hidden commissions from fund houses hence you the user war 1-1.5% returns over the same investments made through other platforms including wealthy. And we're mobile first and support all fund houses.
@nikhilmantha Thanks! I'll check it out soon.
Hi @nikhilmantha : Congratulations on the launch. The product looks slick. I have two questions however : 1) Is is just an easy interface for trading or there is an option for automatic investments too ? 2) What is the transaction charge in % after 4 weeks ? Thanks!
@shivekkhurana Thanks for taking time out to give this a try! 1. We've started with an easy interface for investments with functions for you to schedule automatic investments every month. We'll be adding a lot of features to make make your investments fully automated if you choose to do that. 2. We currently charge Rs.30/ transaction. But we have a campaign running where you get 5 of friends to fully sign up then all transactions are free for life on Piggy!
Just for Indians? Or for people living in India?
@nrmadi ... That was my thought. 🤔
@nrmadi @chrismessina Hello @nrmadi, @Chrismessina. Thank you for taking time to take a look at this. This app is currently for Indians or anyone who holds an Indian tax number.
That name won't work for 14% of India or 172 million Muslim Indians. 😉
@mjmcclain It might if it saves them a ton of money! ;)
I've used Piggy's Android app and love the design and simplicity of it all! All the best, @nikhilmantha and team!