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World’s 1st DIY YouTube thumbnail maker with 700+ templates


Picmaker is a DIY YouTube thumbnail maker that helps create custom Youtube thumbnails and YouTube channel art.

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Demand Generation Expert @ Animaker

Picmaker allows anyone with no design background to create amazing thumbnails. Thumbnails are essentials for YouTubers to get the clicks to their videos.

The picmaker team has taken the effort to come up with 700+ templates. That is definitely a great plus point for new users who can utilize these templates as a base point to build their templates.

As a YouTuber with no design background myself, I would definitely utilize this tool and recommend it to my friends as well :)


Thumbnails are one of the biggest problems for any budding youtuber and this tool solves it elegantly


UI can be a little better

Producer of teen content and TV shows
@aravindan_geetha_krrishnan I love this product!

This is the first time I'm coming across an application just to create YouTube thumbnails. Looks really promising :)


1000s of templates and a huge library of assets


Need more stock photos

Online Marketing Geek from Germany

nice looking tool to create youtube thumbnails. Looking forward to updates :)


Easy to use, nice templates


Flash feels not that smooth, ui could be better

online marketing expert

It is similar to canva and crello but better version.


- Easy Login

- Having lot of templates

- Easy to customize

- Text section has a lot of pre-made template

- Grid option is my favorite


It is still in beta version so little slow to download

Really enjoy using Picmaker! I'd like to know how long will the beta last? what the pricing be like in the future?
I've been using it for quite a while now and it's really user friendly. Any problems their team is on to it straight away. Fantastic choices for your thumbnails or whatever you want to use it for.