World’s 1st DIY YouTube thumbnail maker with 700+ templates

Picmaker is a DIY YouTube thumbnail maker that helps create custom Youtube thumbnails and YouTube channel art.

It is loaded with 100,000+ graphic elements, 700+ templates, 1000+ stock photos, photo filters, inbuilt tools that help with background burning and adding sticker effect to take your YouTube thumbnail making skills to a whole new level.

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Hey Hunters! Raghav here and I'd love to answer your questions. Our journey started here just a few years back: https://www.producthunt.com/post... We've hit 2.3 million users ever since and the ride has been nothing short of an adventure. A lot of that credit goes to the Product Hunters who motivated us during our early days with their valuable feedback! :) We believe in empowering people with DIY tools: With Animaker we are aiming to help everyone own their own in-house studio. With Picmaker, the latest addition to our family of products, we want to help these video creators take their YouTube game to the next level. Quick Story: Animaker support team’s practice of consistently engaging with the subscriber base revealed that some of our users who uploaded their videos to YouTube faced low CTR. This meant that their videos weren’t getting the visibility they deserved on YouTube. Our users were in desperate need of a way to solve this problem. As we always do, we decided to help our users jump over this hurdle. When we did some extensive research on this topic, we found out that all of the top performing YouTube videos had one thing in common. A compelling video thumbnail! While Animaker product team was contemplating the priority of this hurdle against a dozen others, we started noticing that some Animaker subscribers were taking screenshots of scenes from their Animaker videos and editing these screenshots a bit to create custom thumbnails. When we reached out to these users, they told us that they couldn’t find any other DIY solution that could help them with their thumbnail creation. None of the available solutions had important features like a Background burner tool or a sticker effect tool that are vital to making a good thumbnail. This was when we realized that it was time to move this insight up the ladder and get a solution ready for this user problem. This sparked the creation of Picmaker.io. We have equipped Picmaker with 100,000+ graphic elements, 700+ prebuilt templates, 1000+ stock photos, photo filters, and custom fonts so that you get a one-stop solution for all your YouTube thumbnail making needs. We would love it if you tried it & gave us your feedback :D https://www.picmaker.io/
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Picmaker perfect for YT thumbs, good job Pic Team.
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Awesome, very very useful
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@tahaqadri Hi Taha, Glad you like the application. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help. Have a good day. 😄
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congrats, collections are really good.
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I think this is very useful. With YouTube still proving to be a great place to build an audience, solutions like these are of great value! Good job team!
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@jeffin Thanks a lot for your feedback. I hope our solution helps you find success on YouTube. 😃
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