The simplest way to schedule a time to meet

#4 Product of the WeekJanuary 08, 2015
I'm always struggling to find mutual times to meet people, so anything that helps with this is a god send! They've just launched today.
Looks very similar to Calendly (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...) but it looks like Pick has a slight advantage because of the iOS app. Great find.
@irvingtorresyc Thanks - I'm curious if there's one that works with iCloud Calendar.
@irvingtorresyc Thanks for the support and yes we feel that our iOS app along with a few other differentiators separate us from Calendly and similar products.
@irvingtorresyc We plan on supporting Exchange and iCloud in the very near future. Stay tuned!
@irvingtorresyc @swb1192 Try Meekan Scott (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...), we're already offering our global availability engine, syncing Gmail, iCloud and Exchange calendars, on iOS, Android and Outlook. Simplifying scheduling for individuals and groups, free of course :-)
@michaelselepec Very nice work. Pumped to see where it goes. @swb1192, integrating Google calendars and icloud calendars isn't too hard. I did it a while back and it works pretty much the same way once it's set up properly (both icloud and Google Cal update from Apple Calendar and my iOS app) Here is a somewhat long tutorial. Many of these steps are no longer needed (http://macintoshhowto.com/google...). @dvirreznik, Meekan looks really advanced. Might give it a spin as well. Thanks!
The idea is very nice, but I think the big problem with these types of apps is that both users need them. How are you going to tackle that problem?
@samuelbeek We completely agree and is one of the main reasons we offer a personalized URL so that early adopters can share their availability with others. We feel that our personalized URL's will really help with the "cold start" problem startups often face.
@samuelbeek Assistant.to solves this problem quite elegantly. It's shortcoming? Only 1v1 meetings.
@samuelbeek The way we solve that problem at www.producthunt.com/posts/vyte is with a voting system: organizers can suggest several dates and invitees can vote of them.
@michaelselepec interesting solution. Will check it out.
@toobulkeh hmm thats actually quite clever
I was able to get /matthew so that's always a plus :)
@mattarevalo Congrats! It's always awesome to grab a great handle like that.
A few features I would kill for: 1. Ability to limit the hours that I'm available to schedule (Calendly does this). EG- Only available 8am-12pm, 1pm-6pm. 2. As a Google Apps user with read/write access to my coworkers' calendars, I would *love* the ability to: -A- pull through those calendars into the "Default Calendar" settings (this works with regular Gmail accounts, it seems) -B- Make those calendars in my GApps org available to the person scheduling the meeting. EG- if a client needs to meet with 3 of 9 team members, they can choose which calendars to compare across, and then choose the time. 3. Ability to hide from Pick any calendar I'm subscribed to. EG- I have some ancillary community calendars under "Other" on my personal GCal, and those events show on "My Availability" but they don't actually conflict with my schedule. Build a beautiful way to do the above and I'll pay for the Pro subscription tomorrow :)
@ahut All great feedback and thanks for sharing. Below are comments on your feedback: 1. Currently our default time parameters are 8am-8pm. We plan on giving users the ability to edit their availability in the future. 2. Both are great ideas. I just added them to our list of potential features. 3. Another great idea! We may be hiring soon. Are you looking for a job? ;-)
@ahut Totally agree, the ability to limit the hours that I'm available to schedule is huge @michaelselepec