Compress, optimize and resize your images. Fast.

Pichi is a Mac app for quickly optimizing and resizing PNGs and JPEGs. We wanted to speed up our daily workflow by making image optimization faster. The UI is minimal and options kept to the bare minimum. Turn on the drag UI in the prefs and use the app when it's closed by holding a modifier when dragging images in Finder ⏱💪

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It’s the little things in life that make things faster that I absolutely love. Excited to give it a shot.
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@justinotherjohnson Any feedback is very welcome! 👊
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Wish it was available for windows/android, I would totally use it
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Hey, looks awesome! The social media image feature is a great additions that differentiates this from the tons of tools that do the same thing (along with the awesome design!) Two questions: 1. How does the "try it free" thing work? Timed trial? Limited features forever? It would be nice if that was mentioned on the website as I'm not sure what I'm getting if I click the button 😅 2. This is off-topic but how did you make the dark/light theme switcher? I'm guessing it saves the user's preference in local storage as well. I'd like to do the same on some websites ^-^
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@anna_0x Thanks! 1. It's a 7 day trial. I'll add something to the site to make that clear. 2. It's pretty simple - I'm just using JavaScript to switch a class on the body and storing the state in a cookie. When the page loads I'm using PHP to check for the cookie and setting the class approproately when the page loads.
@jbllngs 1. great idea ;) 2. I see! So you need a server to check for the cookie.. I saw a solution somewhere where someone did the same thing (Javascript switched class) but stores the preference in local storage instead. I understand how it works more or less but not well enough to actually do it myself~
@anna_0x Yeah, you need to check for it server side to add the class before the browser renders it, preventing a white flash between pages/reloads. Not essential on this site since it's pretty much a one-pager.
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Can you add more aspect ratios? Other than the social media ratios it would be useful to have the standard 4:3, 1:2 etc! Also, compared to Optimage, I find that Pichi sometimes does better, sometimes worse. When it comes to already small files, Optimage does better so far.
@anna_0x Sorry I missed this – you can add your own custom ratios by clicking the "Create preset from setting" button. Noted re Optimage. I'll take a look and thanks for the continued feedback.
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@jbllngs sure! To be honest, I did not upgrade after the trial ended because I’m pretty happy with optimage at the moment. This one has a lovely interface though and I think there’s a lot of potential
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