Every time I want to make a logo for my project, I love using Google Fonts, and select a font, download the font, open Sketch.app, create a text field using that font, type my project's name, and finally export it to png.

So today I build Picas, which helps you generate these kind of logo.

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"Picas" is the plural of "Penis" in brazilian portuguese.
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@brunolemos this is some quality feedback
@brunolemos ouch, that is unfortunate
I can see the utility in this BUT a big advantage of the google fonts website is that you can write a word and preview it in all available fonts at once. With this here we have to choose a font to preview without knowing what it looks like. So in my opinion this is actually more time consuming if the goal is to pick the font you like the best (simply because it would take way more time to preview/compare all the available fonts)...
@anna_0x I understand you, but I don't think it's the goal of the webapp. It's made to quikly create a logo from an already selected font. Something you can also do in sketch and such though.
Good MVP. Would it be possible to order the fonts alphabetically? I can't find the font I have in mind. Thank you!
Good mvp but google fonts itself is better.
It's an excellent product to create a wordmark logo. Easy to use and simple. Perhaps, it would be great if Picas provides theme-based typeface selection to cognitive load for identifying the best possible typeface.