Generate a color palette from a picture with your iPhone

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How is this any different than Adobe capture? Can this compete with the ties to other products and Adobe tools ?
@hgottfried not everybody uses Adobe products.
@hgottfried Hi! The first difference I would highlight is that PicAnalyzer focus on both: color palette and image. Sometimes I find interesting sharing a color palette plus the image I got inspired of (https://www.instagram.com/p/2g0g...) I can't say that's something useful for everyone but it was something I really liked from Lookbook's website (http://lookbook.nu/look/7988092-...). The second thing is that PicAnalyzer JUST focus on color palettes while Adobe Capture focus on 3 other aspects (shapes, brushes and looks). I like simple and lightweight tools on my iPhone. To be honest, Adobe Capture is a great tool but I just don't like the UX. And finally (this is probably not important to the user, but still is a big difference), PicAnalyzer is an indie app: it's just a sideproject I do for fun in my free time. So it's basically imposible to compete with Adobe ;-) That being said, the export feature works great. It generates an HTML with hex and RGB values, plus an SVG file that can be opened on several design apps. Most of the time I use Sketch so I'm quite alright with that. However, if you guys request support to other platforms I would gladly research for that when I can.
@johnstez @hgottfried let me know if there's any feature you would like to see :-) The next thing would be having a web frontend to share palettes with other people (http://api.picanalyzer.com:4567/...) You can tap on the colors and get HEX values, quite similar to the HTML file that Dropbox export generates. It's working but UX is crappy and the backend is quite hacky. Will finish this as soon as I have time.