Be notified if a site you're browsing has been hunted or not

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A couple of days ago I tweeted that I would like a Chrome extension that would let me know whether or not a site had been hunted or not. @BlendahTom replied to my tweet "that it would be ready by Tuesday". I thought he was joking, but he wasn't! I love this tool. Thanks Tom.
@erictwillis Thanks Eric! I can't tell you how many times I have been out hunting only to find out later that the site I was on had already been submitted. Big thanks go out to @andreasklinger & @rrhoover for making the improvements necessary to the Product Hunt api for this to work :)
@BlendahTom You beat me on our "Maker Challenge". I've got to hustle to get something ready this month. I'm loving this tool.

Yup it all started here.

@BlendahTom Tom, this is dope. Nice work.
Love this. @andreasklinger and I have discussed updating the PH Chrome Extension to include notifications like this (among other things). Glad to see @BlendahTom beat us to it. @joshelman - you'll appreciate the name.
Installed I really like this. Often I find a product that was hunted months ago that I missed, and the conversation has long died out, but I still would be totally down to gab about it. It'd be cool if this helped refresh the discussion on PH for "aged" hunts. Btw: when you install on Chrome there's a typo in the prompt. Your'e instead of you're. Also, if there were a way to block notifications when we're coming from PH that'd be cool!
@stttories good idea.. will fix the the spelling/grammar issues as well!
@stttories Maybe what we can do is only show you the alert one time and not every time you visit said site. I would be worried that peeps visiting from PH would think the extension didn't work.
@stttories Grammar in title fixed :)
Awesome idea! I always get depressed when I get the "someone already hunted this" notice. :(
@danlev I used to have nightmares about that notification!
@BlendahTom You should release this as open-source. We can integrate functionality into -->