AI that writes better than you.

#1 Product of the DayJune 15, 2019
Phrasee is AI that does something many thought only humans could do. Phrasee has developed a world-leading Natural Language Generation system, which can generate millions of human-sounding, brand-compliant copy variants at the touch of a button.
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And now for the million dollar question: how much does it cost? I'm guessing this is only affordable for mega corporations and out of reach for the average Product Hunt company.
@scotty_bowler Hey Scott, you are correct. Our tech is focused on enterprise brands like eBay and Domino’s. Maybe one day we will expand the offering for the SME market but we are growing at quite a clip with enterprises, so that’ll remain our focus for the foreseeable.
@scotty_bowler @parry_van_malmsteen One reasonable question then, why we should upvote it here?
@scotty_bowler @rahulpratap I mean, you do what you feel is right. Note that I didn't list Phrasee on PH, it was done by an unconnected third party over which I have no control.
Super interested to hear how this works. Has anyone used it?
Parry here, Phrasee CEO. My review is therefore incredibly biased. But just because I'm biased doesn't mean I'm wrong. Some of the world's biggest brands use our proprietary AI technology on a daily basis to increase engagement from their email, push and social channels. Over 300m people have experienced our technology across Europe, US, Asia & Australia.
Wow, this sounds like grammarly on steroids! Looking forward to trying this out,
I’m just wondering why this is on Product Hunt. Usually everything here is a product or service for the average person/dev/etc. From the makers reply below, that’s not the case for this product.
@howard_keziah Note that we didn't post it, but of course reacted to its being posted. I can't comment on why we're on ProductHunt, outside of our control.