Serves custom stock photos to users based on location

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phocale is a service for digital marketers, designers, marketers or experience managers that automatically detects your user's location and curates a custom, personalized photograph from the closest landmark or city to your user...all with one line of code.

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Joell Shepperson
Joell SheppersonMaker@jkshepp · CrypTck
Just launched! Our goal was to make it nice and easy for you to drop your personalized phocale key into your website or product code and we'd love to hear your thoughts!
Sungho Yahng
Sungho Yahng@sungho · LearnObit
Can not you show some demo? The only image on your website is just an aurora landscape picture. Though I'm not in the South Pole or the North Pole.
Joell Shepperson
Joell SheppersonMaker@jkshepp · CrypTck
@sungho Excellent feedback about the video - we're actually putting one together now and hope to make some major improvements to our marketing site over the next week so we'll make sure to put that in there. Also regarding the picture you saw, that's super interesting! We started with images from the US to train our models (since we're more familiar with the landscapes here) but are also slowly expanding internationally as well. If you'd be open to it, would love to talk to you more about where you accessed to the site so we can improve our models even more, beyond the big US cities and territories. Feel free to holler at us:, thanks again for your feedback!
Gleb Sabirzyanov
Gleb Sabirzyanov@zyumbik · Hacker. Aiming for the impossible!
Awesome idea!
Robert Magrino
Robert Magrino@rmagrino · AquaBlast, ultimate aquatic punching bag
Cool.. I’m in Seattle and i see Lake Union, but no space needle. Looks like it picks up your VPN location as well. Nice job.
Joell Shepperson
Joell SheppersonMaker@jkshepp · CrypTck
@rmagrino right on! yeah, looks like we have one space needle shot in the mix for seattle but our models are looking for more city-scape type of images in addition to shots of mt. ranier (we try to mix a little of city and nearby national parks if applicable). Thanks for taking a spin and keep us posted if you think we can be doing anything better!