Philips PicoPix Max 1080p HD Projector

The smart & fully wireless native Full HD projector

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 22, 2019
✅ Native Full HD
✅ Cast up to 120”
✅ Up to 3 Hrs of Battery Life
✅ 16GB Memory
✅ Built-In Speakers
✅ USB-C (video+power), MicroSD, HDMI
✅ Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
✅ Supports Netflix, Youtube, Kodi, and 4000+ Android Apps
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1 Review5.0/5
Hmm, Philips running a crowdfunding project for its product, on IndieGoGo...
@peedutuisk Actually that's not Philips. They've sold the projector business unit to a swiss company. They have the money for sure but crowdfunding is good for testing the market and building hype. I was surprised as well when I saw Bose do that with their sleepbuds.
@amokrane_tamine First line "From Philips comes a…"? Kinda sounds like it's Philips :D Even so, they can still use the Philips logo?
@peedutuisk @amokrane_tamine Where is the source of that info? Which swiss company? SO why is sold as philips?
I've been looking for a pico projector with a ​bright image and max resolution. This one looks like one of the best available today.
Why you think its the best one?
@sasha_radoslavov one of the best. Because of specs: 800 lumens and full HD in that size.