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Hey hunters, I'm Chad, the creator of PH Boomerang. I'm very excited to launch this little experiment today. I built this email app because I found myself forgetting about great products that I upvoted on Product Hunt. Personally, I treat my upvotes like bookmarks, with the thought that I will revisit them in the near future. However, I never take the time to review my upvotes. Using this app has allowed me to revisit one of my previously upvoted products each day. Seeing these products in a new light has been valuable and a lot of fun. I hope it does the same for you. If you have any ideas or feedback, please let me know :)
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@chadwhitaker Had the pleasure of checking this out before it was posted here. Pretty rad idea :)
We've talked about adding "things you upvoted" to the Daily Digest for a while but love to see you made this, @chadwhitaker.
@rrhoover My pleasure! It's been a really fun experiment to see awesome products I had forgotten and to see how products have matured.
I'd love this even more if it was weekly!
@abe_storey Hey, Abe! You can switch to weekly using the link at the bottom of your first email.
@chadwhitaker Awesome, thank you!
@nbashaw @chadwhitaker Awesome. What about sending a sms or a message on facebook messenger or telegram instead of an email. Would love to see a new tab chrome extension that displays one of your previously upvoted product every time you open a new tab?
Awesome it is !