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Hi Product Hunt ๐Ÿ‘‹ Two years ago we launched Pexels Videos, a website to find free videos you can use for your personal and also commercial projects. Now we relaunched the website. Finally with a search to look for a video you like, a lot of new free videos and other cool improvements. Check it out!
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@ingojoseph Hey Ingo, looking good! just wondering, do you guys also make some of the videos or do you only aggregate from other sites? Glad to see that Coverr videos are popular on Pexels. can we use some of your videos, too?
@yoavush We have videos from our own users who contribute to Pexels. These are also licensed under the CC0 license, so you can use them as well.
@ingojoseph This is really helpful to early stage startups. Thank you!
@ingojoseph hahaha I loved the way you used iMovie to make a trailer ;)
@ingojoseph Thanks for doing this
Weekly-user of Pexels Videos since early 2016 here! :D
Pexels is my go-to CC0 image source. Looking at these awesome videos gives me some ideas for the future though! Great resdesign @ingojoseph and team.
This is great. Quick question, is there plans for api access?
@matsilva We have an API for the videos. If you are interested write us to api@pexels.com.