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#5 Product of the DayApril 01, 2018

Search for free photos of cats, add them to collections or upload your own cat photos on April Fool's day.

  • Manuel Geissinger
    Manuel GeissingerCEO ARTunchained Webdesign Freiburg

    Man I actually hate cat content - but not in this case! Pexels is so much better now!


    Well I also liked the old pics, but now those are all cats. Even my profile pic. But whatever, I don't care.

    I think I'm too old for the internet. Wanna hear me out? Just the story of an old man. See, when I grew up, there weren't actually cat pics on the internet, there wasn't enough bandwith for such a waste of time. We shared more important stuff, like... well, you know. Important. And played Doom Deathmatch. Everything was so much better than today. Kids these days, they'll never know, with their Apples and Iphones. When I was young, Apple was still a respected Brand and not just an object of photography. At least that's much better now with Pexels Cats: No more Mac photos. Guess I'm loving it after all.

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    Best free cat photos in one place. Who could resist that? ;)

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Bruno Joseph
Bruno JosephMaker@3runjo · Co-Founder of Pexels
Pexels started a few years ago as a platform for completely free stock photos. Millions of people are searching for free photos on Pexels every month. While our users search for all kind of photos we noticed that everyone without an exception likes cat photos. That's why we decided to focus on photos of these fluffy animals. What were once photos of people in business suits, will now be high-quality photos of floppy-eared Scottish Folds (at least on April Fool's day 😉). We also started a cat photo challenge: Upload your best photos of your cat and have the chance to win free food for your pet or donate it to an animal shelter. The future is meow!
Priya Ranjan Dubey
Priya Ranjan Dubey@techiepriyarnjn · #ToddlerProgrammer #Designer #Developer
@3runjo meow! 🐱
Dmytro Kovalenko
Dmytro Kovalenko@tasteofdalife · UI/UX Designer
Happy April Fool's Day 😉😸
Inge Riis
Inge Riis@ingeriis1 · house keeper
It is look good.
Saad CHAWKI@schawki · CEO, WebDev @WeMasterWeb
great idea, hope it's stays like it is now! Love it.
Pros: Way too cute Cons: I have a Shiba 😏