Airbnb with pets. Petsit for a cheaper and furry vacation. 🐈

Petsnflats is an online community for pet-loving travelers. As a pet owner you can post your place for the time you are away from home. Guests visiting your city will then stay at your place and take care of your pet(s).

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Hi, I’m Johannes. I got the idea for Petsnflats during travel preparation. After Büşra and I got our cats, Alter, Felix and Kiri, we were very attached to our apartment. Every now and then, if we wanted to go away, we asked our neighbor for help. She came by to feed several times a day. That’s okay for a short time. However, the animals get lonely and very unhappy after one week the latest. Last year we wanted to travel for a month for the first time. I did some research and found a few online platforms for house sitting. Unfortunately all of these were not very present in non-English speaking countries. Additionally some were very old fashioned, others too expensive to try for the small amount of offers around us. Luckily one of our friends was looking for an apartment at that time. We agreed that she can live at our place for free and she takes care of our cats. That was perfect. Cats happy, friend happy! Based on this experience we decided to build a quick prototype. We launched Petsnflats last December in Germany after working on the website for a couple of months next to our normal jobs. Now it's time to go international :-)
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@j_kettmann Very very cool idea. I'm a huge cat lover (grew up with them, but don't currently own). I'd love to petsit somewhere awesome and take care of someone else's temporarily. I'd love to speak with you offline. Been working on a startup to facilitate home sharing within trusted networks for a couple years now, but I won't hijack this thread with it. Let me know if your'e open to a conversation.
Great idea, we really need this. I'm just concerned about the consequences it might have. I wouldn't let anyone in my home, especially I wouldn't trust them with my dog. So maybe there would be a way to verify they're a pet owner too?
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@thekitze Hi, thank you so much for your great feedback and the input! We're working on a multi-level security system to satisfy (almost) everybody. I'll notify you when it launches and am very curious about how you like it. Best robert
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@bokdi Do you have an update on the launching of greater security screening system? I am looking into hosting for an upcoming trip in August but I am also very weary of letting someone into our home AND trusting them with our cats
We are still at the beginning, so we would love to hear your thoughts. Is this something you would use or are missing anything?
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@j_kettmann This idea is so great and I'm so pumped to use it for my next travel. Although also as a concerned pet parent of view, is there or gonna be a way to rate sitters, you know it's our kids we're leaving them with. :)
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@gokcetosun Thanks for your nice words! I know the feeling, our cats are also like children to us :-). We will have a rating system soon. It's the most important feature on our todo list. Do you have cats as well?
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@j_kettmann This is really nice to hear. I will be keeping an eye on you guys, good job. YES! I'm a curious cat myself after all. :)
@j_kettmann can you filter the flats by animal type? This would be helpful for folks who might be allergic to one type of pet but not others.
@joelle_writes thanks for your feedback. We're planning on implementing more filtering option. Animal type is definitely important, you're right.
I think this is a great idea..... I hope it explodes world wide! We have an elderly dog and are terrified of leaving her alone. My 23yo daughter petsits in return for staying in a nice house - she loves animals and a change of scenery so this would be perfect for her. I set up a profile to test it out. The landscape photo I used is so massive though I would like to be able to crop/frame it a bit better. good luck from australia!!!
@helencrozier Hi, wow, thank you for your wishes. Awesome your daughter does that. We made it exactly for those situations where your daughter can't come and you need someone else who loves dogs. Cheers Robert

Good luck with your project!


Great customer service!


We need more flats all over the world!