Check your pet's health. Instantly.

Petnostics is a line of at-home urine test products that allow you to check your pet's health. A lifetime of love is only a scan away.

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I know a ton of pet parents that really care about their dog's health, although it is a little demoralizing catching pooches pee in a cup. 😜 I guess pet owners already pickup their poo daily though.
@rrhoover Thanks for the up-vote and comment! While it may sound a little tricky to catch your dog's urine, most pet parents know where their dogs like to relieve themselves, so getting behind them when they do so isn't that bad. But for those that may have a tougher time, we do have an extendible urine collector ( that makes the process even easier!
@rrhoover Good to see them use a relative of Shendy in the video.
@nivo0o0 @rrhoover We love poodle-mixes!
Petnostics is an at-home urine test product. Using the same diagnostic test strips that veterinarians use in their clinics, pet parents can check their dog or cat’s health instantly with the Petnostics app and be alerted to potential health issues such as urinary tract infections and diabetes. With results easily shareable to vets and at a fraction of the cost of a vet visit, Petnostics makes healthy living easier for pet families. I'm excited about this cheap, easy, at-home way to get important vitals for pets. p.s. They were featured on Shark Tank
@emiidee Thanks so much for hunting us, Emily! If anyone has any questions or comments about our product, we'd love to hear them!
Props for defending Ashton Kutcher's questions in the tank!
@ridderingand_ Thanks for the support! It was interesting the way they edited our conversation with Ashton, as they left out a lot of interesting things that happened during our conversation :)
@petnostics ya that drives me nuts...I would love to see the full conversation. That's gotta be annoying to watch as the founder and not be represented in the exact way you want. All in all it was good though! Hope you got a nice spike.
Also, if you guys are interested in seeing our recent pitch on Shark Tank, check out Thanks for the support!
Vets are so expensive. Getting more information about your pet before having to take them in sounds about right! Great job on Shark Tank as well! Congrats on getting two sharks in:)
@bobawu Thanks for the kind words, Bob! Really love what you guys are doing as well with Teleport!