Perspective Cards

Can we solve tech's diversity problem with a few clicks?

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Awesome project, @benjamineevans. This serves as a good checklist for designers and makers. ✅
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@rrhoover Thank you Ryan :-) I believe that diversity of thought is an essential part of innovation. Hopefully this gives makers an easy way to access worldviews that differ from their own!
Hey Hunters! It’s no secret that the lack of diversity within the startup community is a problem. But what’s the solution? As a Design thinker, I believe that empathy is one of the keys to solving this problem. I created Perspective Cards to help makers — from passionate creatives to hustling founders — figure out *who they are forgetting* as they ideate, build, and launch products. We all have bias — that’s totally normal. But with every click of Perspective Cards, you’re challenged to imagine your work through the eyes of another. Not only will your products be more inclusive, but the Cards are also awesome for uncovering markets that you might not even have considered before. Let’s be clear: I have no illusions that this tool will be a “magic bullet.” But if we include more perspectives as we build, our products become more inclusive and, ultimately, our communities do too. This is one of many experiments I will be launching over the next few months to help us as makers work inclusivity into our workflows, and I’d love to get your feedback!
Oh i LOVE THIS. well done @benjamineevans
@themarshalien Thank you so much Alex, please feel free to shoot me any feedback if you have any ideas on how I can make this easier/more accessible to people.
@benjamineevans will do!! Just shared it in our company slack - I shall take another look once I have some coffee 🤗
Great concept @benjamineevans ... definitely a strong need for it in the startup community. Well done!
@dcaiazza Fingered crossed it does some good. With enough people collaborating and ideating maybe we can get the kind of diversity of thought that makes the startup community a more open space
Hey Makers: a lot of people have DM'd me asking if they can contribute/get involved in this project. So I've released the code under an MIT license so you can use and improve perspective cards in any way you like. You can find the repo here:
@benjamineevans This is awesome, great work! Would you appreciate pull requests? I was thinking it might be good to add income levels/class and also varying levels of digital skills.