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This is such a neat service — using artificial intelligence, Personal Hunt finds hunts you may have missed and ranks them based on a number of ranking factors, including: • Number of upvotes or comments • Hunted or made by friends • Upvoted or commented on by friends • Related to ones you've upvoted or commented on This project is open source, with the code available on GitHub.
This is fascinating. I literally just woke up and looking forward to digging into this later this morning. Here's my "Personal Hunt":
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! Would love to know your thoughts as you play around with the Settings. It was a fun project.
@rrhoover Make an app that has tons of errors = more comments = move to the top. unusual, but it seems to be working.
Matt and I wrote a blog post about our experience creating Personal Hunt here:
Such an awesome application of I'm unbelievably excited by what these guys are building and PersonalHunt is an awesome testament of what kind of products Fuzzy can really enable. Props!
I just get Server Error 502 after logging in.
@tompedals Thanks, Tom! I'll check it out.
@tompedals Not sure if you saw, but this was fixed a while ago. Thanks for letting me know about it!