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This is probably one of the most intriguing and compelling bot-driven experiences I've seen so far. The bot was created by PullString, creators of the eponymous software, for the British TV series Humans. They previously created Humani: Jessie’s Story and the Call of Duty Messenger bot:
The Personal Synthetics bot drops you into the middle of a narrative — in which you are returning your synth, which has started acting up (you'll have to watch the show for the entire context). Curiously enough, Personal Synthetics's customer support reps are themselves synths and will guide you through the process. Can you see where this might lead? What's most compelling about this use case is how natural it feels, and how well the bot is scripted. It doesn't feel forced, and actually feels conversational. Other bots achieve similar levels of conversational engagement, but eventually hit a wall. This bot feels targeted, well-contained, personable, and well-executed. I expect to see more well written bots (consider that members of the team hail from Pixar; @orenjacob worked on Ratatouille, among other films) will surface from Pullstring in the future.
That. Was. Hilarious. LOVE! @orenjacob @chrismessina " >Persona Synthetics Good afternoon, Elizabeth. I am Charlie. >Elizabeth Hello, Charlie >Persona Synthetics According to our records, you are the owner of a Synthetic Human model S6-Xi. Order Number: HUNKER923-34/B. I am very sorry to hear that your Synthetic Human has been acting in an intimidating manner. Aside from yourself, which other members of your family witnessed your Synth malfunctioning? >Elizabeth Yes, my son was frightened by the Synth >Persona Synthetics Thank you, Elizabeth. Please give me the full name of your son. >Elizabeth Ridiculius Caesar >Persona Synthetics Your response has been added to our files. Please standby for a moment while I process your information... I have dispatched a diagnostics truck to your location. "
This was awesome. Great use of Messenger.