Permute 3.0

The best media converter for macOS

Permute 3.0 is:

- easy to use

- yet mighty powerful

- insanely fast

- looks amazing

- everything included - support for videos, audio, images

- scheduled conversions

- stitching images into PDF, adjusting audio volume, rotating videos, resizing them, flipping them and so so much more!

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2 Reviews5.0/5
I've been a long time user of Permute to convert movie file formats (rather than having to resort to the command line), so it's great to see it return with an updated and improved version from @charlie_monroe. Since Permute is part of Setapp, you might want to jump on this limited time deal to get 42% off the annual subscription rate; otherwise it's $9.99/mo. Many of my fav Mac apps are also included in a Setapp subscription: Boom 3D, iMazing 2, Folx, Espresso, Expressions, Lungo, Inboard, Renamer, Paste 2, Sip, Iconjar, and Ulysses III. Not interested in Setapp? You can get Permute 30% off with code BF2018.
Love Permute, and love Charlie Monroe Software. Semi-related, he also makes a similar/companion app called Downie that is such a delight to use. Do I know how to download content using the chrome dev tools? Yes, of course. But Downie is such a treat use and is almost always faster. And then can use Permute 3 to convert it to anything ! Super polished product, highly recommended, very worth it. Well done @charlie_monroe ! πŸ™Œ
I had premute one and two and also downie. I look forward to upgrade it.
@hkiyany Thank you! πŸ™