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Projects like this scare me. You're trying to get a business model going, but everything about this shouts at me that this was quickly thrown together without any form of knowledge on security and how to handle user data. Within minutes I found several ways of executing code on users' computers with the "Share Public Link" functionality. When I found the first one (XSS via URL), I could let it go. It happens, get it fixed and you're good. But then I found out you can even use HTML in your task messages and it will happily execute that too? No, this is unacceptable. You can't let your users run code on your domain like that, and it shows me there's no sense of security here, at all, yet meanwhile you're asking for people to sync their data to your servers. PLEASE, for the love of god, invest time into learning about security before being the next start up that got hacked purely because they spent no time thinking about how to deal with their users data. Links for proof: - XSS via URL: - Task with HTML/Javascript: When you're working with user data, this should be in your absolute basic knowledge of security.
Arthur Soares
Arthur Soares@artsoares · design strategist
@mikedotjs Thank you. This was the best comment on producthunt so far. Loved the second URL.
Christian Owens
Christian OwensMakerHiring@heychristian · CEO,
Hey all, Wow! Didn't expect this to be submitted! Perma is something I've been very casually working on in my evenings and weekends for about 7 or 8 months. By day, I'm the CEO of a company called, where we build a platform for software and SaaS businesses. I've been working on Perma, primarily because I couldn't find a tasks app that really "fit" with my workflow, and wanted something that was collaborative that my entire team could use with me. While there's a pro version at the minute ($19) which will include Pro access to the Mac version for now, and Web, iOS, Android, Windows versions once released. Please feel free to download Perma and use it totally free for as long as you wish, there will always be a free version, Perma Pro will include things like unlimited attachments etc... once that functionality is released over the coming weeks. If you feel like supporting the future development, paying the $19 for Perma Pro is highly appreciated! 🙌 The app has a long way to go in terms of functionality, I plan on releasing a public product roadmap over the coming few days, and making the development decisions a collaborative process. I'd love to hear your feedback, either here, or via email ( Thanks so much everyone! Christian
Anirudh B Balotiaa
Anirudh B Balotiaa@anirudhbb · UX Designer
@heychristian Yet to try, to be devils advocate how different is than other tasks app. You mentioned something which fits your workflow was not out there, very keen to hear how that gap is filled by Perma! Good luck Christian! 👍🏼
Christian Owens
Christian OwensMakerHiring@heychristian · CEO,
@anirudhbb Hey Anirudh – I think the primary couple of issues that I had were that I tend to be working on a bunch of different things, with a bunch of different people in my team. So needed something that wasn't as structured as "lists" where tasks could span multiple lists, and then there was a collaborative process around working on and discussing tasks. Those tasks may be public/private and across one, or multiple different projects, or lists. (In Perma, these are #tags). — This is probably possible with other apps, but I've never been able to find one I that just "works" in the way my brain does! I completely agree with you, the functionality that this needs isn't all there yet. Attachments support, sub-tasks, assignees, reminders, due-dates, recurring tasks (as well as additional clients: Windows, iOS, Android, Web etc...) are all necessary. I plan on putting up a public roadmap at some point, and gathering as much feedback as I can from early users, so I can build a productivity app that works well for me, and hopefully other individuals and teams too. Currently this is all in my spare time, and it's just me, but I'm hopefully I'll be able to make gradual but significant progress over time. I'm just excited to get as much feedback (positive and negative) as I can, understand how people work, and build something flexible enough that people find Perma a super efficient way of getting things done on their own, or with their team.
robertprince@robertprince · VP Engineering, ActiveRain
@heychristian @flintsw next time keep watch with :)
Brandon Gadoci
Brandon GadociHunter@bgadoci ·
I got an email about this yesterday and checked it out. Really clean and nice interface. Pretty simple app with some promise. It's 'Slack-look' is welcome in my opinion. Wondering what will be next on their product roadmap.
Christian Owens
Christian OwensMakerHiring@heychristian · CEO,
@bgadoci Hey – Woah, didn't expect this to be submitted. I plan on doing a public product roadmap over the next couple of days!
Noah Green
Noah Green@mrgolders · Picturesque Owner
I really like the UI, its quite comforting with the familiarity of Slack. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Perma! Keep up the good work :)
Ton@t55 · Mac'aholic
Looks pretty cool to me, but it's very rudimentary as far as I can tell. Like: how does one add a subtask?
Liam B
Liam B@liambws ·
@t55 I'm confused with this part too
Christian Owens
Christian OwensMakerHiring@heychristian · CEO,
@liambws @t55 Hey both – didn't expect this to be submitted, but appreciate the feedback so far. I've been building this in my evenings for the last several months, as I just couldn't "get along" with other to-do apps. Currently it's very much the "bare bones" of what I eventually envisage it being – really want the development process to be iterative and collaborative in nature. Lots of people work in different ways, and I'm excited to make an app that is flexible enough to work with lots of people's workflows. I plan on releasing a public product roadmap in the next few days. :) If you have any feedback, or suggestions, I'd love to hear them: