Wiki-like note taking helping with the writing process

Perixi is a desktop app designed from the ground up to make it easier to plan your story. Whether you're an author, world-builder, or someone who likes creating, Perixi is designed to bring wiki-like links, images, and markdown-like editing to your process.

Hey @steven_laidlaw, What was your inspiration for creating this product, and what is your favorite aspect of it?
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline! My inspiration was frustration at a lack of a cross-platform tool that could give me Wiki-like features on my personal machine. I looked for months for the perfect app to use while writing, but couldn't find it, so out of that frustration I decided to build it myself. I never intended to release it, but as I was building it I realised it could be useful to quite a few people, and so made the decision to polish it up to something that everyone could use. My favourite aspect is definitely the wiki-links. I tried various different ways to implement them using a variety of pre-made editing tools, but couldn't find anything that worked the way I needed. After a few weeks of late nights I rolled my own, and I couldn't be happier with the result. :)
Any plans to make it truly cross-platform and support Linux?
@frassmith 100%! I just upgraded my home PC recently and am planning to set aside some time to set up either a VM or Docker to build a Linux variant.
Slick! Not perhaps a product for me but seems solid. Great icon also btw =)
@olssonm Thanks very much! I appreciate the support.
This looks interesting @steven_laidlaw - how is it different to Scrivener? And can the document be exported to be then reviewed and set up for sending to a self publishing platform? I see from the screen shot above it includes hyperlinks - so I am guessing the expert could also be used to create an ebook? And how do you manage references and citations out of interest. Thanks so much!
@krishnade Hi Krishna, Perixi is different from Scrivener in that it is not a tool for writing a novel, but for planning and interconnecting worlds. There is no exporting or self-publishing, because it's purely for the planning/note-taking portion of your project. The hyperlinks you're seeing aren't traditional hyperlinks, but Wiki-like links that connect to other pages with Perixi itself. There is no reference or citation management as Perixi is designed for personal linked note-taking use only, and not for publishing. The software is also different from Scrivener in that if you purchase a licence it is available to use on every platform, not just the one you purchased for. Thanks for your interest in the software. :)
@steven_laidlaw Thanks so much for the comprehensive reply