Periscope Profiles on Web

Easily find people on Periscope and watch their broadcasts.

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Good morning all! @couch, @icofyre and @verohecko worked super hard on this, and I'm sure they'd be happy to answer any questions! We're really excited about this launch as a foundation for lots that we want to do with Profiles on the web. This is just the beginning!
Nice update, @kayvz, @pandemona, and team. If you could follow only one person on Periscope, who would it be?
@rrhoover so hard to choose just one! we highlighted some fantastic ones on the medium post, but my favorite account to follow is i love how Kaskade broadcasts his performances, either on the road or from his residencies at Encore Beach Club and XS Las Vegas. it makes me feel like i'm there!
@pandemona wow! I first saw Kaskade in Vegas nearly 4 years ago and in October I'll see him on the Pier in SF. 💃 cc @jimmydouglas @suzywillow
@rrhoover @pandemona I can't wait! Kaskade does a remarkable job of engaging his fans with technology. He also publicly stood against Soundcloud when they began bending to the record companies.
Cool update on the product guys, congratulations. What i'm most curious about is the tech stack you're using to build for the web. Also it seems you are being consistent with the roadmaps of twitter, vine, etc. Not trying to pump you even more on coffee and redbulls (btw @pandemona looked sleep deprived AF this morning), but is a directory of some sorts the next logical step?
@joao_oliveira We're all sleep deprived, but @pandemona was the only one who had the courage to broadcast and share the news live. Mad respect.