Periscope on Twitter for iOS

Stream live video inside your tweets

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 12, 2016
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Love this although it's unclear how to start a stream on Twitter, @kayvz. Is this being rolled out slowly and will streams shared directly from the Periscope app appear live on Twitter?
Answered my own question with my first Periscope + Twitter livestream.
This was a long time coming. Now you can watch Periscope Live videos directly in Twitter. Rolling out over the next few days if you don't see it already, it's coming! You can read their Medium post here @kayvz what does this mean for the future of Live streaming?
I'm curious if this will drain more battery from my phone when using Twitter, also I have an unlimited Twitter data plan, does this mean i can watch endless Periscope streams on the Twitter app without sacrificing my data plan?
@kevinayuque an "unlimited Twitter data plan," huh? I know this kind of thing exists, but I just never encounter it.
@mscccc @mattahorton my phone operator (I'm from Peru) offers me unlimited Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp that does not affect my data plan. Sort of how T-Mobile is now offering unlimited Youtube, HBO...
Luring in the casual live stream watcher.
Love how Twitter is real-time and expanding into video streaming.